Worn by a couple of momentous life changing events, my wife Sandra and I decided seek a new lease on life.

We sold our lovely house in Wendover Woods in the Chilterns, paid off the mortgage and moved to Great Malvern in Worcestershire, UK.

 Originally we were searching for a place on the South coast – but we couldn’t find the right property. At the same time we’d always felt the “draw” of Great Malvern, a designated area of outstanding natural beauty, nestled beneath the Malvern Hills.

 On a trip to Malvern we spotted a house for sale cut into one of the hills. Intrigued, we made an appointment to view the property and instantly fell in love with the view. Pulling a ‘Kirsty and Phil’ we made an offer on the spot that was accepted the very same day. The rest is history in the making…

I’ve found that Malvern is a wonderful place, as I mentioned there is a distinct ‘draw’ to it. Malvern folk are extremely friendly, kind and hospitable. There are plenty of independent shops, a fantastic theatre, and wonderful public gardens. Lectured by the numerous blue plaques, Malvern was once the home of Sir Edward Elgar, the current home of the Morgan motorcar; and even C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien were once drinking buddies at one of the town’s locals (no excuses for me to be ‘uninspired’ then).

It also goes without saying that we’re lucky to have the entirety of the Malvern Hills on our doorstep, both for us to explore and also to keep fit!

I have attached a few photos taken in Malvern. Even though I’ve only been here a few months, I simply couldn’t help myself, I’m in need of a bigger hard-drive to keep the backlog going. The majority of these have been shot using my mobile, the iPhone 11.

Currently the slopes up to the hills are covered in lush ferns and magenta coloured foxgloves; it seems that the landscape has rolled out the carpet for us!